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The one with the cooking skills, unlike Katie he can manage to make more then beans on burnt toast! Having spent a few years working in various kitchens  most recently a high quality country pub & restaurant Tom has embraced this opportunity to run his own restaurant, He will be showing his passion in his cooking on the plates delivered to your table for you to enjoy. Don't just take our word for it though, the proof is in the pudding (especially the chocolate fondant!). 




Our leading lady with the big smile, as ruthlessly efficient as she is cheerful which makes her rare appearences all the more delighful. a wine lover at heart she is always willing to lend her expert advice (from experience :P) on the best accompaniment to your meal. 




Tom's right hand man in the kitchen. A jack of all trades, master of none? you decide. Whether it be knocking up a hollandaise sauce, making sure the plates sparkle or being your server for the day. A meticulous member of the team who is not afraid to get his hands dirty to do what needs to be done. 



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